Self-Publishing – Why not?

Today I received a post from Linkedin in which the matter of self-publishing was the topic. There was a poll–you know the kind:

Have you done it

You did it and loved it

You did it and didn’t love it

You haven’t done it yet cause you’re afraid

Almost sounds like something you’d find in Cosmo, right?

Then they asked for what you thought of self-publishing and I fear I may have gone to the netherworld of  “somewhere over the rainbow edge”. Once I got finished, I felt like a crusader.

I was proud!

I was victorious!

I had clearly and succinctly (allow me to be redundant) adamant in my opinion.

I shall not be swayed.

I did my unbelievably ego-damaging stint of query letters (which I believe to be unbelievably ridiculous and undoubted one of the reasons self-publishing was created in the first place and can almost single-handedly be blamed for the downfall of the publishing industry–but, lest I wander too far off-topic–I had even gone to the dark side and tried (excuse me while I shudder) vanity press.

I know! I am so ashamed! But, there you have it. I’m out of the closet. I tried–ready for this–iUniverse for my first book. (By the way, I CAN hear the laughter!)

Now, I am a relatively bright person, or so I’ve been led to believe since second grade (first grade was a time of discovery and social toe-dipping). It didn’t take more than 600 queries and one vanity lesson and I knew there had to be a better way–a better use of my time and $$$. Well, I found it–more by accident than anything else.

I’ve decided to come all the way out of that dark, airless, scary closet and share my journey and why I adore self-publishing (and I didn’t even mention that my books are successful–I’m so proud). Here it is–my response to whether or not others should try


Self-publishing (and I’m NOT talking about vanity presses where you pay a fortune and get little back for the cost) is wonderful. I’ve published sixteen books now. The first one was via vanity presses because I simply didn’t know better and had to learn my lesson the hard way. iUniverse and its ilk were (are) expensive and you got (get) damned little for the hundreds of dollars invested. (Not that I hold a grudge or anything!)

Then I moved to BookSurge and while it was better it still wasn’t what I needed or wanted. Then I went to CreateSpace–HALLALUYA–can you hear the angels singing? Imagine my pure joy when BookSurge and CreateSpace merged!

“What’s the diff?” you ask! Lemme splain it to ya!

1. It’s FREE…in case you missed that…it’s F-R-E-E

2. You get FREE templates for book design by size of finished book 5×8 6×9 etc.

3. They have a FREE cover creator for those who are cover-novices. Don’t worry–it took me until my 16th book to get brave enough to create my first cover completely without using one of their templates. It’s a learning experience.

4. They have a digital on-line proof program where you can see your finished product without paying for (let’s say it again…FREE) for a proof copy.

5. They are affiliated with Amazon, so your books get full Amazon coverage (dare I repeat myself) FREE.

6. Once you have your book completed in printed format, you can then make an extra copy and reformat it for submittal to Amazon’s digital books program and others like the marvelous Smashwords–who will put it out on Barnes & Noble, Sony, iTunes, Kobo, Diesel and others for how much? Did I hear FREE?

What more can I say, really?


7 thoughts on “Self-Publishing – Why not?

  1. I love what you’ve written—very encouraging. I’m in the throes of self publishing with CreateSpace and finding the final details extremely daunting. I have paid someone to format in inDesign, fix images, and do my book cover (even though I’m and artist myself) and hope it will be ready very soon. I’m struggling with giving birth to it and find this part harder than the writing. I will continue to read your informative, humorous blog—you’re really good.

    • If you want to contact me via DM on my FB page, I’d be glad to offer help with CreateSpace. It really isn’t as daunting as it seems and once you get through the process, the next one will be easier. It’s a learning curve when you’re a new author AND learning CreateSpace, but it is by far the easiest I’ve found!

  2. Thanks. You make me feel good about the direction I’m going. If we keep moving foward there will be a day that the Big Guns in New York come down. The “E” as in e-book cuts out the middle man. Who needs them. I have a publicist that will out shine any publisher for a fee ranging fron $2000.00 to $10,000.00.

    • Since many Indies don’t make enough to afford pricey publicists, we do the marketing work ourselves. Personally, my own efforts have been more successful than I had hoped for when I began writing. Another of the perks of self-publishing is that we can do this for ourselves, IF we decide that is best for us. For those who don’t have time (I’m retired, so I can easily fit it into my own schedule) or who are paid enough in our day jobs to afford a publicist–good for you! We do what we each think is best for our own publishing path. I wish you much success!

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