In Tribute

Today, it’s here again. 9/11 and the sadness seeps back into our reality. I find myself longing to grieve with the rest of the country, yet feeling as if I dare not. It’s too much, too sad, too long, too many. Then I remember where I was, what I was doing, who I was with. It could have been us, you; it was them. All those thousands of innocents who became so much dust and debris–too real, too much, too hard. The tears come again, the lump in the throat, the knot in the pit of your stomach and wanted or not, you mourn. You mourn the loss of lives, love, most of all–innocence. Today, it’s here again. 9/11. Remember, grieve, cry or do anything you can not to face the reality. Today, 9/11.


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