MY YEAR 2011

I saw a turnaround in late 2011.

Paperbacks stopped selling after 1Q and I was concerned, but I didn’t panic as e-book sales rose and stayed steady through the summer and early fall. I stayed busy writing!

In August I moved my website over to Word Press and everyone who sees it loves it.

I helped another writer edit his novel, the first in a series. Check out Alec Adam‘s Through the SUN”. He puts forth a really interesting idea in this series.

In September, I was in an auto accident that totaled my gorgeous Prius and almost totaled me along with her. Three months later I am still healing but doing much better.

Then, late October, I decided to give a freebie copy of the 1st novel in The Preston Andrews Mysteries series. BINGO! It was the breakthrough that I needed. So far, all sources have reported over 19,000 downloads of my freebie and hundreds, yes, I said hundreds, of my complete mystery series and everything else in my library just before the holidays. There will be lots of dancing going on in Raleigh in January when the royalties come out! Got many lovely messages from readers–a nice bonus that kept me writing!

I gave three interviews this year. What fun those were–Indie Book Lounge, author Andy Holloman’s site and author Vickie Johnstone‘s site “Vixie’s Stories”.

On the downside, one of my editors moved to Florida, and the other is house staging for her own move to Florida in 2012. I DON’T LIKE THIS! However, it should be noted that neither of them ASKED for my approval. Oh, my. I already miss one and know I’ll miss the other when she goes. Thank goodness for e-mail and shared files.

Instead of the planned cancellation of the freebie after New Years, I have decided to let’r run! Got #6 (12/29) and #7 (just before Christmas since it’s okay as a standalone) in the series released and am looking forward to a great 2012. Already started #8.

Just did a guest post on Indies Unlimited‘s website and next week they are adding a Sneak Peek of my “Press ‘n SEAL”. I’m excited about that!

Oh, I forgot, paperbacks started selling again in December!


2 thoughts on “A LOOK BACK AT MY YEAR – 2011

  1. It’s really neat to see what you’ve been up to! I can’t wait to read more in the coming months! Keep recovering from that accident; hope you’re well.

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