#01 – Hard Press’d

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As of the end of October 2011, “Hard Press’d” was #10 in the Kindle rankings on Amazon!

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Welcome to the beach–Virginia Beach, to be exact. Detective Preston Andrews (Press to his friends) comes from wealthy Virginia Society with a capital “S”. He is a man admired by women for his handsome face and well-toned physique. Men respect his opinion and skill on the job. Crooks cringe at his tough attitude and tenacity.

Despite his refusal to accept the FBI’s efforts to recruit him, he remains with the Virginia State Police as their senior detective. His career is a great success–much to his father’s dismay. U.S. Senator Andrews would prefer his son go into foreign service or politics. A year ago, Press helped the FBI solve the East coast’s worse series of murders since The Boston Strangler. He carries the bullet wound to prove it.

His personal life is a mess. His younger sister won’t speak to him (his own fault), his live-in girl friend moved out, his parents are disappointed in his career choice, and the 180 lb. dog, Jones, who shares his beach front mansion, has failed multiple attempts at obedience training.

A young girl’s murder brings these two aspects of his life crashing together.


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