AUTHOR INTERVIEW – LUCY PIREEL (Romance, Erotica and Whatever Else She Decides to Write About!)

A hearty welcome to Lucy Pireel!




Lucy and I have been Facebook friends for awhile now, so I’m prepared in advance to have a very fun time with this interview!


Lucy, welcome and please tell us about yourself, where you’re from/grew up/live now, what you do for fun, if you work at “day job” what do you do that may impact your writing, favorite pet/color/movie/book/actress/actor—you know, all that stuff that makes Lucy interesting!


At the moment I live in the UK after moving here from The Netherlands. No day job, unless you count writing the whole day as a day job?


I’m an avid reader of all sorts of books (love those  gems found because the authors are Indie like me and promote their books on either Twitter, Google+, or Facebook and practice yoga every day.


My favourite pet is by far the miniature Bull Terrier. Loving, loyal and sweeeet!


There is really only one movie, not true but this one is by far my favorite, Bladerunner! Great, anyone who hasn’t seen it must do so as soon as possible. It’s a classic!


When and why did you begin writing?


I’ve actually always told stories, even written them down, but not until two years ago I really started to think about publishing my figments. Today I have three books available, one of those, “Heaven’s Closed”, is a freebee on Smashwords.




What is your genre?


Hmm, I like to think my genre is whatever I feel like writing. Hate to be stuck in one place, you know what I mean? Literary freedom and whatnot. Hahaha. Just kidding, what I really mean is, I try to write stories in as many genres as I can come up with, just to flex the writing muscle even more.


What’s your process? Seat of pants, well-devised outliner?


Oh, erm … I haven’t really got one fits all process. Sometimes I jot down the whole story in the rough and sometimes I just start and see where it takes me. And then there are those stories that need a rough outline. Sorry, no one stop answer on this one.


What other writer inspires you? Your work?


Shoot, are you going to keep coming up with those hard to answer questions?


I certainly hope to! (Laughing again)


Eh, Frank Herbert, Anne Rice, Shakespeare, Clive Barker, lots and lots more. I read a lot and your palate changes over the years. So while Anne Rice has been a long time favourite, she is now replaced by Clive Barker and Terry Pratchet.


Don’t know that I’ve ever heard Anne Rice and Shakespeare mentioned in the same sentence before. (Laughing again) What is your favorite work by you? And why is it your fav?


That must be “Bound”, my latest. Isn’t one always the most proud of the last accomplishment? Anyway, it was my first erotica and even if it hasn’t gotten any official reviews, yet, I have heard people saying they liked it a lot.


Where does your character inspiration come from?


People I guess, and real life, although not always my own real life, that would make my work autobiographic and it’s just graphic, not auto. Hahaha.


(Laughing with her here) What’s your best/worst experience as a writer?


Best? Having my first ever sci-fi try published and being paid for it too! And being able to create a person, persons, a whole world of your own liking.


Worst? When the characters have their own way and refuse to behave the way you want them to.


Darn those pesky old characters! How about the best/worst writing advice you ever got?


Worst writing advice I ever got? Write about your own life. Hahaha, who would want to read a book about my life?


What is your latest work?


Finally! I thought you were never going to ask me about that.


What? So when did I lose control of this interview?


The title of my latest work is “Bound”. It’s an erotic tale about a young, successful woman who meets the man she would love to play her kind of games with. Unsure of his ideas on this they dance around each other until she finally has the courage to be a bit more open about it.


Then he agrees to play with her, but where will their games end?


It is available on Amazon in the UK and the US, as well as all their other international sites, and also Smashwords for other reading devices.


And then all the other ebook stores online, even the ones I never knew existed.





I wondered when I would get a “wheeeeeeee”. What do you want your fans to know about you and your work?


That it’s a work of love. I loved writing it and tried to make sure it’s properly edited and formatted. (Although the first upload had the order of chapters wrong. Grrrr. I had that corrected and now it should be fine.)


So, I’d like my fans to know I’m not sloppy or uncaring about how to deliver the story after it’s written.


Tell us something about yourself that your readers don’t already know.


Well, seeing I’m not really a very interesting person with an exciting life there’s not much to tell. Let me think on that one. *wanders off to the kitchen to get herself a big chunk of chocolate and a hot coffee*


I know how to make sticky toffee pudding. How’s that for a fun fact that wasn’t generally known before?


(Laughing again) I think that will do just fine. Maybe you can come back sometime and share the recipe. Where can readers find out more about you and your work and buy your books?


Find my books on my Author’s Page on:




Find out about or contact me on:

On my website







I hope you enjoyed talking with us today as much as we enjoyed having you here!


I had, thanks! And also for giving me the opportunity to promote my books, and so my readers can get to know me just a little bit better.


5 thoughts on “AUTHOR INTERVIEW – LUCY PIREEL (Romance, Erotica and Whatever Else She Decides to Write About!)

  1. Hi Linda! Thanks a gazillion for having me on your blog. You really challenged me with those questions of yours. 🙂 But in a good way. Wheeeeheeee! If you’re really adamant about it I can come back and give you my take on how to make a sticky toffee pudding. (Krisztina probably has a better recipe, but then again I’m a writer and not a cook.) Whoop!

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