Real Men vs. Heroes

Linda Rae Blair, Author: Posted on Saturday, July 30, 2011 5:11 PM
Do you ever wonder which is really better…the hero in a book or a real guy? Now, even a guy will have an opinion on this topic!

We can all admit, real men do have their issues. After all, you never read about the beautiful heroine in your favorite novel falling into the toilet in the middle of the night because Joe-hero left the seat up! YIKES! I can’t even imagine Preston Andrews leaving the seat up!

No, instead of the guy who carries a gun, catches the bad guys, wears (and looks great in) Armani and Italian leather loafers (now THIS is Preston Andrews), more than likely you are or have the guy in sweats and a torn tee-shirt.

Instead of 6’3″, thick black hair in an expensive cut, a slight scar over the dimple  on his right cheek (one of a pair), icy blue eyes that stop a woman’s heart at five paces and a crook’s anytime he shows up on the scene (let me catch my breath here…whew, this IS Preston Andrews)–you may have a slightly out of shape guy who’s eyesight started going bad last year and whose waistline is battling his favorite jeans. 

Chances are his hairline isn’t what it used to be, if he still  has any hair!

But here’s the thing, folks.

Who do you want tucking those sweet kids of yours into bed at night? The guy with the gun or the guy who tells a great bedtime story and knows just how to do those funny voices the kids love so much?

Who do you want rushing off to earn a living every morning? The guy who works hard, is steady and dependable–who loves you and those kids like you’re all a part of him; or the guy who every damned woman in the world is attracted to and for whom you feel you have to wear in Manolo Blaniks every damned day or he’ll lose interest?

I remember my dad reaching over and pulling mom to him as she worked at the kitchen counter fixing lunch. A gentle hug, a whisper in her ear, and although I didn’t know what he was saying, I knew the message. “I love you, sweetheart.”

I remember dad stopping at the grocery store on the way home to pick up something mom needed, just to keep her from having to do it later. (OK, so it was a long time ago!)

I remember a dad who stopped by to pick me up at school to take me shopping–as a surprise!

How many of our heroes in books do you really think could live up to all that? No, I’d take an ordinary guy, doing the ordinary things, falling for the ordinary girl (’cause that’s what I am), and spending a lifetime doing all that because it’s what he wants to do. Yes, sir! I’d take that any day!

Now, when I’m reading, I want  him handsome, hot, and dangerous! Like the little girl in the taco ad says, “Why can’t we have both?”


2 thoughts on “Real Men vs. Heroes

  1. Real men are heroes, even when they’re not hot. But I think in books people want a fantasy. I read to escape, and if I’m going somewhere, I want the man I romanticize about to be a hero and a looker. ;P

    • I totally agree, Heather. Real men can definitely be heroes. The heroes I was thinking of when I wrote this were “fictional heroes” and I just should have said so in the title! Excellent point!

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