The Preston Andrews Mysteries

One thing you’ll find out about Preston Andrews–he’s a damned good cop! Knock aside the huge trust fund, the mansion on the beach, the pricey cars, the housekeeper, the butler/dog-keeper/bodyguard, the 6’3″ physique, thick black hair, icy blue eyes, mega-watt smile, and a dad who is a U.S. Senator, Preston Andrews is–at heart–a homicide detective.

Press, as his friends call him, is strong on family, justice, keeping the streets of his little slice of heaven–Virginia Beach–free of crime. He takes it as a personal assault when murder is done in “his” town. He’s loved the town since he was a small boy spending frivolous, care-free days there every summer. He bought the “summer-house” from his parents, and it’s his personal retreat from crime–except when he has an active case and uses his study as a second office.

Press does have some “personal issues” though. He’s too soft-hearted at times, and he has an affinity for angering his baby sister, Stephanie. Well, get-a-grip-boy, ’cause this girl’s no baby anymore! And, she’s out to make him very clear on that subject!

And then there’s Jones

   (My promise to readers of The Preston Andrews Mysteries series is that you will not find these priced over $.99 USD in e-versions. Come join the growing list of fans and find out what crime he’s busting now and where he’s doing it!)

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8 thoughts on “The Preston Andrews Mysteries

  1. I have put all I can find into my Kindle and am reading them as fast as I can in order. Love the whole series. Dee Patterson

    • Take your time…they aren’t going anywhere and I want you to enjoy every little bit of them! I’m writing a new one right now (from Jones’s perspective). What fun! Can’t wait to read your reviews.

    • Thanks for letting me know how much you enjoyed “Hard Press’d”! The next one will release early due to the response over the last few weeks. Keep an eye out for “Pressing The Message Home”. I hope you’ll do a review for the series on the site where you made your purchases! We writers just love hearing from our fans.

  2. I need to know what order to read the Preston Andrews Mysteries. Can’t find a list of books and their date published.

    • Kari, the order shows on Amazon if you sort by publishing date. Here they are:
      Hard Press’d
      Press’d Into Action
      Press’d to the Wall
      Press On
      Pressing Engagement

      The next two, Press the Message Home and Press ‘n SEAL will publish after the first of the year.

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