Just Who The Heck is Jones?

Jones has been of interest to readers of The Preston Andrews Mysteries.


Here are some interesting facts about Jones. He’s a young dog and still growing. In “Hard Press’d” he hit 180# and with “Pressing Engagement” he is easily 220#.

He has failed 4 obedience classes and cost Press a lot of money in flowers and chocolates for frazzled instructors who, frankly, hope fervently that they never see either Jones or Press again!

Jones loves to sleep next to Press’s bed or, when Press is upset or ill–ON IT! Many is the time that the housekeeper, Lizzie, who takes care of them has found them napping together on Press’s huge bed–a guy who is 6’3″ tall and very fit needs a big bed!

He snores (Jones, that is) and he naps on his back in front of the fireplace during the winter months.

Jones is fully capable of walking away with tonight’s dinner without anyone being the wiser until they go to the counter and it’s no longer there. He’s tall enough to not need his paws to reach food anywhere it’s left untended for 30 seconds or more. For some reason that Press can never figure out, Jones’ breath frequently smells like fish–especially when he tries to greet Press at the front door of the mansion, paws on Press’s shoulders, Press pinned to the door jamb, thick tongue lapping up the side of Press’s neck up to his forehead in one huge lap.

Press is frustrated lately that, while Jones doesn’t obey him, he seems perfectly willing to obey Rachel, the hot, very special FBI agent with whom Press has fallen in love. There is a little bit of jealousy there, just under the surface–after all, he is Press’s dog!

Jones was responsible for saving Press’s life on one case. During that trip to Maine, Jones behaved beautifully, especially in the hands of the very capable innkeeper. He also scared a bunch of SBI cops just by looking at them. This reaction is why Jones has a leather muzzle and leash–not because he’d ever hurt anybody, but because strangers think he might.

He’s been called everything from a miniature horse to the damned dog without taking offense–there really is never any offense meant.

He’s as lovable as he is a lot of dog to handle–this is one reason he has an ex-covert ops, ex-Marine, ex-bodyguard as his keeper. When Press stops to think about it, Jones never gives Palmer any trouble either.