The Chicago Trilogy


The Chicago Trilogy

Finally, for those who have read one or two of the novels, all three of these stories are available as stand-alone novels.(see blow).


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Intersections is the combination of Ms. Blair’s first three novels into a single volume–The Chicago Trilogy begins with the story of a young orphaned girl growing up in Chicago. Her struggle to find her own truth, love and family gets entangled in a web of evil from which she attempts to escape.

A young heiress loses everything but her closest friends. They band together to keep her safe and get a fresh start in Chicago where they open a most unlikely business for an ex-member of  NY high society–a gentlemen’s club.

A young Ohio cop relocates to Chicago to serve and protect–without having to work next to the man who is now his mother’s lover and who he believes is responsible for his father’s murder. As a third generation cop, he is determined to move on, only to discover that you cannot outrun your past.

These three young lives run headlong into the same scene of treachery, lies and illegal activity in the early years of 20th century Chicago.

From the age of the Titanic through the Roaring 20s, on into post-WWII Chicago, their stories and their lives are entwined.

5 Star Review on Smashwords

Review by: Dune Elliot on Jun. 24, 2010 :
Linda Rae Blair has an innate talent for drawing you into her stories. She has a way of pulling you into the lives of each character and not letting you go. Intersections is a trilogy of stories where the lives of each main character intersect with the others at some point…

Mystery and suspense romance are generally not my first choice for reading material, but after enjoying Elusive, I decided to give Intersections a go. I have enjoyed this book as much as the first, and will continue to read Blair’s contributions to the literary world.


     RICHARD: IT’S IN THE BLOOD           Read an EXCERPT!

This is Part 3 of The Chicago Trilogy. Richard’s story has never been published as a stand-alone book until now. For those of you who read “Where Is Harry?” and “Claire: A Woman’s Journey”, here is your opportunity to find out the ending without buying “Intersections: Love, Betrayal, Murder”.

(As of June 1, 2011, this novel is available only in e-book format. Paperback will be available later in the month on Amazon.

See “Indie Book Lounge”for current locations and availability.)







Part 2 of The Chicago Trilogy. Claire’s story follows a young girl born into wealth and NY society around the turn of the 20th century. Betrayal and loss are not enough. Claire’s very life is threatened. With the love and support of women from her school days in Paris, Claire manages to build a new life in Chicago. It’s a tough time for women and a very tough place for women to make a new beginning, but they more than survive–they flourish!

5 Star Review on

By GaL –

This book made for some interesting reading. The writing had me hanging on to every word. Couldn’t put down until I got to the end!

4 Star Review on 

By Lori –

Fun follow up to Harry

I thought it was a great follow up to Harry and looking forward to 

book #3 in the trilogy! I liked the way the characters came together
from both books. 

  WHERE IS HARRY?         Read an EXCERPT!

Part 1 of The Chicago Trilogy. A small girl is orphaned by murder. Relocated to Chicago and given another name, she is raised in a loveless home and shown no mercy. She meets and befriends the youngest of a family of two older brothers and one young sister. The life of one is put in danger. Her only prayer is that her older brother, who disappeared before she was born, will find  her and rescue her from certain disaster. Her only constant prayer is “Where is Harry?”.

4 Star Review on

Paul in MA

Linda Rae knows how to tell a story! This is a quick moving tale that easily introduces the characters as part of the flow compared to many books that require you to take an exit ramp from the plot to figure out who’s who. I literally read the book in one sitting – very enjoyable Sunday afternoon.

4 Star Review on

By Lori (MA) –

Love it! This is a great story that had me captivated from the start. Mystery lovers should buy this book. Well done Linda Rae!!!

4 Star Review on

By-Laura Kennedy 

Riveting & Unexpected,It initially took me a little while to get into this story but I can assure you that after the first couple of chapters (and I do mean 2), I was completely captivated and enthralled! I look forward to the future works of Ms. Blair. 

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