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Tell us about yourself—you know, where you’re from, where you’ve been, what you’ve done—all those things that make you interesting.


At the age of fifty-three I still feel like I am growing up! This time instead of learning from and being raised by my parents, I am learning from and being raised by my son. Parenting is a whole new growth experience and as a late bloomer; I had my one and only child at the age of 39. Every stage of his development is full of lessons.


I was born in Mexico City, Mexico; where I spent the better part of my childhood. I spent a year in the very rural town of Pineville, Louisiana at a lovely large non-productive farm called Shady Oaks with my grandparents to learn English.


In the early 70s my dad was hired full time by the World Bank and my entire family was transferred to the Washington D.C. area this included  parents and eight kids. I spent all my formative years that area, and I often wonder whether I should write Bethesda, Maryland in lieu of Mexico City for HOMETOWN in the sites that request that info.


At eighteen I spread my wings left home, I chose the Catholic University in France. A nasty car accident sent me back home in a wheel chair. This prompted my parents to inform me that I was grounded for life; the punishment due to the fact that I was alone with two handsome French guys at 4 a.m. when our car hit a brick wall (real not proverbial).


Three years later and of course three years wiser, I impressed my parents enough (or did they want me out of the house?) that I was finally allowed to return to the Catholic University in Lyons, France. One thing led to another I married a Swedish guy (yes, a real Viking) which kept me in Europe for most of my 20s.


Well an accident returned me from Europe in a wheel chair in the 1970s and a divorce returned me feeling sad and a bit of a failure in the 1980s. I have lived in the USA since then.


I have been in South Florida for over 20 years where I live happily ever after with my husband, Tom; son, Austin; and dog, Taco. I love all arts and crafts, and my biggest passion is to be involved with peace movements.


When and why did you begin writing?


I began to write very young. The bulk of my writing was probably in the form of letters, but I was accused of exaggerating and I soon identified that simply made me a fiction writer and not a liar!


What is your genre?


I do not like to limit myself into the idea of one genre. That being said, I cannot imagine that I could ever write a decent horror or fantasy. I am not a prudish writer and will add sex when it enhances the story-line, but erotica, sex for the sake of sex is not my genre at all.


My book “The Bridge of Deaths” is considered a cross genre, with strong non-fiction aspects, romance, historical, mystery and a metaphysical or paranormal. I am very interested and somewhat versed in astrology, numerology and other occult sciences so I do add that often into what I write.


Are you an organized outliner or more of a seat of pants writer?


Can you believe that I am both? I do write outlines and long lists, but sometime inspiration explodes into reality and I grab my tape-recorder and there you go flying by the seat of my pants.


Yes, I believe! What other writer inspires you? Your work?


I believe ALL writers inspire me. Some inspire me to notice where I may be lacking others to strive harder. I have so many favorite writers that it would be unfair to single out one or two, and I am not just  referring to famous ones. I am a huge fan of Indie authors that I have recently discovered.


What is your favorite work by you? And why is it your fave?


Right now I am only marketing “The Bridge of Deaths” so as my ‘only child’ I have to pick that. Why a fave? As the Midwest book review stated when it gave me a five-star review it is AN UNUSUAL read. I love the idea that I created something that unique!


Where does your character inspiration come from?


I was pondering that recently; I have always liked to people watch and put a story to those I observe. There are of course influences of myself or people that I know.


I am far more plot-driven, so once I know the story I want to tell I pretty much create the characters that will give the story line the most believable voice.


In a nutshell, the inspiration for my character comes mostly from the need to tell a story.


What’s your best/worst experience as a writer?


BEST? My first five-star review


WORST? My first one-star review.


Share the best/worst writing advice you ever got.


The best advice? Just trust your instincts and write!


The worst advice is to try to write like…. any other writer.


We are all unique and our voice is unique, so trying to be someone else voice. Perhaps this may work well for ghost writers seeking anonymity, a bit like an impersonator.


Do you have another work in progress?


Yes, I just finished a great book, but I have a co-author and we are going to shelve it for a while due to some conflict of interest. On my own I am working on a book that is flowing so easily it is almost scary cool! This will absolutely be chick-lit.


What do you want your fans to know about you and your work?


My work comes with unbridled creativity, with the aim to entertain and also maybe help people question a little.


Tell us something about yourself that your readers don’t already know.


I am fluent in four languages—Spanish, French, Swedish and English.


Where can readers find out more about you and your work?


My Website

On Facebook

My Blog


I try to help as many authors as possible of all genres. I really admire the courage of anyone who takes the time to pen a book. To reach worldwide, I do so by promoting them on the Day in the Spotlight blogspotI also interview and bring attention to Book Bloggers, a growing group of this tech world, so often helping others and going unnoticed.


Writers or bloggers may contact me via e-mail for Day in the Spotlight or a fun interview.


Where can we purchase your work?


Barnes and Noble

Amazon Kindle & Paperback


Thank you for joining us today. Keep us posted on that work in progress!


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