The World Has Gone to the Cats!

I know…I know! What about the dogs? They’ve had their attention and now it’s kitty’s turn. Face it…if we don’t give it to them, they’ll just hound us (no pun intended) until we do!

I recently watched a set of video cartoons called “Simonscat” and it had me laughing so hard my ribs hurt. OK, I’m an easy target for sore ribs after that auto accident last month, but I’m much better now and these laugh a minute toons got me all riled up.

Now we know that some dogs are known to talk, some sing, some even count! They have very unique talents, but let’s face it, not all  dogs do them. Now, let’s take a look at our dear, sweet, kitty friends.

Do you know a cat that doesn’t:

  • Scratch on anything vertical; hang from anything horizontal
  • Find some devious way to wake you up in the morning (whether you lock it out of your bedroom or not)
  • Hide just before you want them never to be found until kitty’s darned good and ready
  • Get caught up in the toilet paper and then run hysterically through the house trying to get away from it–not succeeding
  • Go after anything sticky and then destroy the house trying to get away from said sticky item
  • Climb into your suitcase after you pack the one item that will show every cat hair
  • Demand your attention by climbing into your lap, onto your body or furniture only when you don’t want them to do so ’cause you are
    • on the telephone
    • on the computer
    • reading a book
    • reading a newspaper
    • playing a video game
    • watching your fav TV program/game
    • trying to cook
    • getting romantic
  • MEOW in a voice that can crack glass when you most want them quiet
    • for any of the above or just when you get the baby to sleep
  • Shred anything paper or cardboard including but not limited to
    • toilet paper
    • cardboard boxes
    • newspapers
    • books

If you’re shaking your head in denial that your sweet kitty is doing this, I suggest you had it’s claws removed, which means we really should have a different serious conversation!

  • Pester the daylights out of the one guest to your home that least likes animals–specifically CATS! Pestering can include and is not limited to
    • making itself at home on the guest’s lap and refusing to take down or no for an answer
    • rubbing against her expensive stockings with studded or rhinestone collar
    • rubbing against his expensive dark suit (white cat) or light-colored suit (any old black cat)
    • jumping up to visitor’s shoulders for a really good face-to-face look at this new intruder
  • Climb the
    • curtains
    • furniture
    • Christmas tree
    • screen door/window
  • Puts what kitty wants and just HAS to have RIGHT NOW in the one place kitty cannot possibly get it–this results in moving furniture, the refrigerator or any other heavy object in your environment. (I really hope your fire safe isn’t on legs!)
  • Hides anything you drop on the floor and will ever need again in your lifetime (like your remote)–re-read list just above for specifics as to where to look.
  • Begs to come through a closed door until you open it and then stands there and looks at you like you’re nuts!
Let’s be honest! We all know darned well that ALL cats behave in this manner. What dog can give you such a long list of species-specific behavior? Or as many laughs?
(Alright, doggie owners. That was rhetorical! I own one of those, too!)